The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

When power is seen as external

There are two possible locations of power. It can be perceived as external or internal.

Whenever power is perceived as internal, there is no additional need for control. The sense of power enables knowing what to do or what to let go of.

Whenever power is perceived as something external, anxiety sets in. There will be a quest to either dominate or be protected. The eventuality that it doesn’t happen opens the door to anxiety and a sense of lack of power.

Ultimately, both locations of power exist and are relevant.

However, individuals are at risk of focusing on either of both and miss the other.

An individual’s task is to develop respect towards the one and humbleness towards the other. To develop respect in front of external power, some doubt on one’s own power needs to be possible. To become humble towards one’s own power, the ability to doubt the effectiveness of any existing external power will help.

But this is only possible if some internal power is accessible and external as well as internal power remains visible.


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