The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

What’s that feedback for?

In a discussion today, we exchanged about the feedback asked after training sessions. Usually, it’s a form asking about the training modalities and often leading into the question “would you recommend this training?”

It’s a powerful question. It connects with the will of someone to not only talk about training but also recommend it. A person willing to recommend training is also willing to engage his reputation.

But, does it work in every context?

When there is a relationship between the person giving the training and the person giving the feedback the context changes. The questions now become: “how will my feedback affect the trainer?”

Feedback forms easily become a description of the relationship between trainer and participant. The feedback has become encrypted in the relationship.

When a feedback form becomes an evaluation form the feedback doesn’t help to grow anymore, it positions the other on a scale by giving a grade.


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