The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Wanting return on investment

When numbers become the safe haven of a team, every action undertaken by that team will be measured. As a consequence, it becomes almost impossible for the team to invest in uncertain outcomes. Or, to see progress when there is a lack of visibility on an immediate and clear return on investment.

It happens when the team finds itself overwhelmed by the assumed need to perform well and achieve results. Without support, the fear of failing cannot be contained, and the team will avoid uncomfortable and uncertain activities. However, discomfort may still appear regularly. The challenge is to recognize when this discomfort is a sign that the team is working through things and not ready yet to address the underlying issue.

Change is messy and hard.

Change often asks to repair past wrongdoings and reestablish a sense of trust in the team.

However, in contradiction to the expectation that it needs to come from elsewhere, it can only be found within. That is when change needs to transform the circumstances in such a way, that there is enough free-flowing energy allowing to see what is within.

It’s a return on investment that can only be felt. There are no numbers to measure it.





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