The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Wanting it to have been right

Looking back, how do you want to feel about your past?

People rarely want to look back and feel frustrated about the missed opportunities and chances. And yet, it happens. Quite often by finding explanations as to why they were missed and how the situation or others didn’t help as they should have or could have.

There is also the possibility to look back and say that everything was great and that one used the possibilities as they were available. It’s an option that sometimes builds on the idea to see that some opportunities that passed by were not accessible and that one must accept this.

In both of these options, there is a good dose of wanting to have been right.

It’s looking at the past with the desire that nothing was wrong in it.

There is at least one other option. And that’s, that looking back, is not about missed opportunities or available opportunities, but about the choices made.

The choice may then work out or not, but it is a conscious reaction to a given situation.

A choice happens within the context of the situation and with an idea of what is possible.

It means to decide to participate in one’s life.


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