The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Using a funnel

Marketing and sales share objectives, even if they have a different perspective on it.

Marketers want to make change happen.

Sales seek to activate that change.

Both depend on the decision process the customer need to go through.

While decision processes may be well studied, there is no unique rule. One simple way to see it is by looking at the many variants of funnels. Among many, there is a purchase funnel, a variety of marketing funnels, a sales funnel, and a customer journey.

Whatever funnel you are using, it needs to be adapted to your way of serving clients and it depends on how your clients decide.

There is no shortcut.

There always is a decision process between becoming aware of your brand, service, or product and deciding to buy from you.

You better become aware of how you can assist your audience as they learn to know you.

It helps to reduce the leakage in the funnel and move towards a more sustainable connection with your clients.


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