The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Category: Marketing

Surprising conversations

Whenever someone makes a presentation, the speaker will search for ways to gain the audience’s

Easy judgment

When people seek to make change happen, one of the things they will often plan

Becoming a commodity

There are two easy ways a product becomes a commodity. One is, by focusing on

Choosing tension

One of our elementary functions of behaviors is to gain attention. It is at the

The perfect client

He was struggling. He had learned so much in his last workshop, but not he

The poet marketer

Some companies succeed in telling their story not only with words but also with images

Closing the deal

Reading through the work of students seeking to understand how marketing works, I’ll find that

From should to could

In an entertaining conversation with Allegra Stein, I had the opportunity to learn quite a

They all do it

A friend was blogging about social selling. He was getting fed up with the way