The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Trust and consistency

Trust is an anxious partner. It takes its time to join you. And when it is there, it might suddenly step away.

This is especially true when showing up on the web. There we often lack the clues we easily find when meeting people in person. Relationships we build in person are fueled by a large number of interactions we are not even aware of.

On the web, we only have the work with which we show up. It conveys an image, a style but it still is only the work. The author is somewhere behind his work, connected to it, but not visible.

Building a relationship becomes the work of showing up regularly and consistently. It becomes sharing a body of work that has value to the audience.

Both lead to trust.

It is slow. It takes time.

It is not personal. It is related to the work you put out.

It invites to share your best work. And frees from taking things personally.

Being trusted as a person is yet another journey.

And yes, sometimes you are lucky and can start there.

It doesn’t change the principle.


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