The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Too much and not enough

There is rarely a clear demarcation line between not enough and too much. It’s true with the desire for leadership, the use of power, the sense of control, the received congratulations, etc.

Responsibility is no exception. It plays into all of the above. Responsibility always being linked to how a task is taken up, a role fulfilled, or authority shared. And responsibility is also always being how others expect tasks to be handled, roles to be taken up, and authority to be exercised.

Many will then blame communication for those situations in which there is a gap between execution and expectation. However, a better description is linked to a willingness to commit to the task, to be accountable, and to be interested in the promised results.

These three factors will shape the conversations.

When neither of these are present, the act of taking responsibility easily becomes a game of guilt and shame. People are asked to take responsibility to make sure someone carries the burden. These people become scapegoats. Others will see themselves as responsible to make sure things have been done. They’ll end up perceiving themselves as saviors or victims.




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