The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Sharing advice

There are many reasons why people will share advice. The reason they indicate, and whatever

The effort you put in

When trying to achieve an objective there can be many reasons why things don’t fall

Idealizing democracy

“Democracy is in danger” is a fear regularly mentioned all over the world. And indeed,

Things look good

Albert now likes to call himself realistic. It’s his reaction to the overflowing positivity he

Too much and not enough

There is rarely a clear demarcation line between not enough and too much. It’s true

On being prepared

During the day I had the wonderful opportunity to review some challenging coaching cases with

Seeking advice

“When we seek advice, we rarely want to be told which option to choose. We’re

The what-I-want-problem

Numerous problems don’t qualify as addressable problems. Discomfort or undesired situation is simply an automatic

The desire for answers

Answers have something soothing. They solve the problem of not knowing. They give a clear

Starting somewhere

In a recent group meeting, a participant talked about his project. The group gathered some