The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts


Of the many resources we have, there is one which is basic: Time.

It can’t be managed, it can only be used.

It never comes back, it is the gift of the instant and of existence.

Everything we can do is based on it. And it’s the one we pay the least attention to.

Most certainly not out of disdain, probably more out of fear. We can’t know if we’ll use it right if using it allows us to achieve what we are trying to achieve. That’s often a reason to avoid choosing and thus to avoid thinking about time.

It’s choosing to let it pass by. To let the gift of time go unused.

While we can’t know, we still can give it our best chance.

It’s using time with intention.

It is to allow ourselves to know what it is for, whom we are giving it and what our promise in giving is.


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