The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Visible to the eye

Fred Rogers kept a quote in eyesight in his office. It said “L’essentiel est invisible

Settling with priorities

Leaders become visible through their ability to prioritize. They choose among the available options and

Risks or opportunities

Risks can be named and described, consequently, it seems to be easy to prevent them

They want a better UI

Tim’s team had given him a list of suggestions and ideas describing how the software

When change agents succeed

One of the mysteries leaders sometimes find themselves confronted with, is when their instructions are

Metaphors and associations

In doing my work I’m often confronted with the gap between abstract understanding of how

Letting go

Sometimes people will become attached to something or someone. That’s fine until it isn’t anymore.

Feeling tense

When working with groups, one of the jobs of the facilitator or host is to

Developing your project

Any project you’ll be developing will require many steps until it happens even more so

Curating Memories

There is no way to stop time from running continuously. There hardly is anything as