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The whole & its parts

Being thirsty

These days summer is hot over here, and thirst something we need do pay attention to.

For some, it isn’t as evident as it seems to note when they are thirsty. Quenching that thirst might also be a challenge as it involves the choice of what to drink.

For someone lost in the desert, it’s quite easy. He will drink whatever is available and discard how he will feel after drinking. Feeling that thirsty makes it impossible for him to think clearly. Drinking brackish water then feels like an option.

That image describes quite well how Taibi Kahler defined stress in his Process Communication Model: “Stress is a negative behavior aiming to satisfy a psychological need which has not been satisfied positively.

It’s by developing an awareness of our thirst and planning to quench it, that we find solutions to satisfy our needs positively. If we don’t, we end up dehydrated or having drunk a modern form of brackish water.


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