The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Seeing through it

Most of the people I know have an inner critic. It is a constant partner

It’s personal

Well, not always. However, it’s how it can be understood. Subtleties in the way we

Focusing on words

Words live in a context. The context is larger than we can grasp. There is

Self-created conflicts

Happiness, joy, or comfort rarely come by themselves. As that’s fairly well known, people developed

Being true to oneself

Some years ago Francesca Gino, Michael I. Norton, and Dan Ariely researched the impact of

Adapting your message

One of the most regular questions when learning to use the Process Communication Model was

Labels and identity

The Process Communication Model is one out of many personality type models. It is one

Seeking to be polite

Every culture establishes rules assisting its members in navigating its hierarchy. The members learn these

Grounding in communication

Communication is a word that has become one that describes everything and nothing. Which makes

Being thirsty

These days summer is hot over here, and thirst something we need do pay attention