The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Things that exist

A well-known metaphor is the idea that the blue sky is always there. Clouds might be in the way, but the blue sky is there without fail.

The same is true for many realities in life.

We exist, we have a life, we live in relationships, we have a purpose, etc.

But often, it is just like the blue sky. When clouds make it hard to see the blue sky, we lose confidence that it is there. And when we don’t see the blue sky and don’t trust in its presence the only thing that seems accessible are the clouds.

Clouds are like the details that remind us that things are not how we’d like them to be.

And like clouds, they may be something beyond our control to change.

But we can change how we relate to the blue sky when it isn’t visible.

And we can change our interpretation of the clouds when they are the only thing we see.

To bring it down to something tangible, both the blue sky and the clouds give us an indication of what to wear when going outside and wanting to perform at our best. And when the situation changes, we usually are prepared to adapt what or how we wear what we wear.



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