The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

The underlying trend

Rohan shared a quote on his blog: “People don’t communicate to each other on social media, they perform for each other.” – Jonathan Haidt

It’s still communication. However, the underlying trend also serves the desire to be seen in a specific way. Whatever is shown is there is an effort to design how others will see themselves, to create appreciation, and to show oneself as a good member of society.

It is how performance comes into communication.

The chosen way to perform naturally follows one’s understanding of what a good member of society is. May that be following what one has seen others do or what the person has decided for herself.

When people are seen performing, their place in society is determined through comparison with others. It leads to a perceived status they are given or see themselves established.

That is when remembering that people’s communication is also there to perform for each other helps. It invites the question of what is visible. Is it who they are, who they want to be seen as, or who they are portrayed as?

There is no necessity to have an answer. The doubt is sufficient. It keeps us curious about who the person is.


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