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The whole & its parts

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Never miss a meeting

Time is one of the most precious resources one has. It cannot be saved and

Training for perfection

Recently I had the opportunity to observe a candidate participating in a competition I was

Be good

It’s an interesting aspect of our self-development culture. It seems to establish a focus on

Success Models

The internet has a meme trying to highlight the stereotypes one has of women. Despite

Seeking benefits

The upcoming elections in the US have started to focus a lot of the available

People are good

In transactional analysis, we use the notion of an ok-ok relationship. The idea is to

The power of ideas

There are at least four ideas that shape today’s business world because of of the

The underlying trend

Rohan shared a quote on his blog: “People don’t communicate to each other on social

When groups change

In any situation, a team finds itself, its mix of different individuals will always make

Magical moments

Sometimes we get lucky, and a magical moment happens by itself. But most of the

The leader you look for

While reading about Bobby Knight’s leadership as a basketball coach I reflected on what leaders