The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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The roles people play

In a team, people will quickly see themselves as becoming scapegoats or perceive others as

Immediate solutions desired

Sometimes people find themselves stuck in a situation without any view on how to solve

On listening

Much has been said about active listening and about the need to refrain from preparing

Gratitude and needs

Born in 1908, Abraham Maslow was deeply affected by America’s efforts in the fight against

Testing boundaries

While visiting some friends I was observing the way the children interacted with their parents.

Origins of power

Power is an intangible concept. We can experience its impact, we can fear its force,

Awareness of power

A person who feels in power will not necessarily be self-confident. A self-confident person will

The executive’s job

Becoming an executive comes with a shift in what it means to be on top

The power of words

Words as such don’t have power. They gain their power from the associated meaning. The

The desire to be right

Whenever there is a desire to be right, there also is a fear that it

Engaging responsibility

Anytime there is a relationship, power is involved. How could It be different, when we