The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Seeking benefits

The upcoming elections in the US have started to focus a lot of the available

People are good

In transactional analysis, we use the notion of an ok-ok relationship. The idea is to

The power of ideas

There are at least four ideas that shape today’s business world because of of the

The underlying trend

Rohan shared a quote on his blog: “People don’t communicate to each other on social

When groups change

In any situation, a team finds itself, its mix of different individuals will always make

Magical moments

Sometimes we get lucky, and a magical moment happens by itself. But most of the

The leader you look for

While reading about Bobby Knight’s leadership as a basketball coach I reflected on what leaders

Nothing to be achieved

Someone who becomes a tennis player doesn’t know how far it will bring him. Someone

Gaining Comfort

The more opportunities and choices there are, the more difficult things become. That is if


It’s simple, whatever the chance it is to have a human body, it comes with