The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

The tyranny of good and bad

One of the easiest categorizations is to perceive a situation or a person as good or bad.

It’s probably the most natural reaction, resulting from our ancient survival reflex.

A natural reaction, however, a limiting one. The reaction it creates becomes resisting something that feels bad by fighting or fleeing from it and running toward a situation that feels good. It probably is unavoidable to have such reactions, especially when something comes up as a surprise or is something we’ve not yet encountered.

Over the years, it is reflection that has allowed us to learn to leave the reaction aside and choose a different response.

Experience might help to see how good sometimes transforms into bad and vice versa, thus slowing reaction down. But it doesn’t allow for a response within a broader framework of responsibility, acceptance, and action.

Without reflection, it is challenging to transform an idea of good or bad into a different response than the reactions of resistance or immediate engagement. They are self-centered reactions.





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