The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

The story of us

When people join an organization, they are greeted, sometimes welcomed, by those who are already there. Depending on the culture and the way people relate with one another, they will shape the process of integrating the newcomer.

Some will only explain the tasks ahead, how the organization is structured, and where to find what.

Others will start to share. They will create an impression of who is who, of how people relate with one another and share some stories to give a sense of what the organization is.

Whatever path chosen; the way things happen tells a story of the organization. The newcomer starts to integrate by experiencing the culture, finding it nice, often also curious, and reacting to it.

Some organizations make this storytelling more explicit. Instead of letting it happen, they have and know their “story of us” and share it freely with the newcomers. It is a way to tell them, that they are welcome and to put them at an ease of experiencing a culture that tells them where they have come to.

Instead of asking the newcomer to prove themselves to be integrated, they start by telling them that they belong. When the new members then start to prove themselves, they do it to confirm that they belong.

Instead of motivating results through the anxiety of not being good enough, they will be based on the shared desire for excellence.



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