The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

The skills of a photographer

There is something special about activities like playing golf or making photos.

Both invite an individual to focus on the moment and use it to create something unique. Neither a photo nor a golf shot can be recreated, we can only add to them by making new ones.

Both can be done in a superficial manner or with the dedication to learn and develop the craft.

Whenever the focus is on the process of creating, the outcome moves out of focus. It simply happens. And in the desire to learn, it is being analyzed. Does it relate to what was to be created? If it differs, what is it that is different? And then, how could the intention have been reached differently?

The outcome isn’t the problem we need to address. The problem we look for is found within our curiosity and the desire to figure out how something specific can happen.

In contrast to leadership, the advantage of making photos or playing golf is that it only happens between us and an object of focus. It eases the learning by focusing it on us and the achieved results. But that is what assists us in our learning of leadership.



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