The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

The problem in front of us

When there is little time and problems pop up, the most frequent reaction is to step into action and solve the problem that appears first.

Usually, it is also conveniently the one for which a solution immediately pops up too.

In teams that often leads to the interesting dynamic of finding a scapegoat.

Quite often that will also work, as that person then is under pressure to save his reputation. And when someone sees his reputation at stake, he will do his best to solve it. That is if he can’t find another scapegoat.

It takes time to analyze the situation sufficiently well to find the cause of the problem.

And if the problem shows to be systemic, solving it will rarely be immediate. It most often will require that the team learns new habits. It’s changing the culture.

Solving problems once may be fast.

Recurring problems are a reminder that it will take patience for them to disappear.


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