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The whole & its parts

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Take the time it needs

Among the many things Einstein is supposed to have said and which he probably never

Immediate solutions desired

Sometimes people find themselves stuck in a situation without any view on how to solve

Rational emotional

One of the most common approaches is to seek to solve the problem that is

a path in the woods at wintertime

Forget your goal

Something I observed in an organization I once was a member of, was how the

Taking the problem away

Sometimes the easy shortcut is to do something instead of someone else. These people rely

The solution shortcut

When a problem appears, the typical reaction is to try to solve it. The quest

The problem in front of us

When there is little time and problems pop up, the most frequent reaction is to

The what-I-want-problem

Numerous problems don’t qualify as addressable problems. Discomfort or undesired situation is simply an automatic

What you see …

Organizations have to deal with contradictory and opposing forces. If one person emphasizes the short

What others can see

There never is a situation without problems. Never expect others to tell you when they

The desire for answers

Answers have something soothing. They solve the problem of not knowing. They give a clear