The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

The presence of change

There is a huge amount of change nobody is paying attention to. We are way too used to that change that it isn’t registered as change anymore.

One can talk about the sun that rises every day and yet does it in a different spot and at a different hour. Its perceived move is a constant change.

One can think about the many ways the body changes from moment to moment to care for itself and adapt to the situation. Hair grows, the eyes blink, we breathe, and we move.

One can think of the many individual actions happening all around the globe. Take all those bloggers who persist in showing up, writing, and developing their audience.

We are trained to see all of this as a constant. We’ve learned to do what is possible and necessary to adapt to these changes.

It creates the illusion that change is about consistency.

But actually, change is about adaptability. It is about training ourselves to do what we want to do under circumstances that are never the same as before.

One of the ways to fail this learning is to assume that one has to have this ability on one’s own.

Leaders know that they can’t do it all on their own and can’t have all the answers themselves.





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