The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

The perfect client

He was struggling. He had learned so much in his last workshop, but not he was trying to implement it.

The workshop had shifted his views on how business could be done. It had given him many incentives on how empathy would ease his relationship with customers and reconfirmed his values. It had been liberating.

Since he had gone out and shared all of his new wisdom.

But the people he was talking with weren’t as receptive as he had hoped for.

When starting out after the workshop, he had been searching for clients who shared his beliefs and understanding of how to do business, his desire to use empathy, and his quest to integrate the ethics he had developed into their work.

He was searching for the perfect client.

The one he had hoped his workshop journey had prepared him for.

The other way to look at it is to see that his own transformation had been a journey. One that had included learning a language helping him shift the foundations of his work and given him a community that understands his new language.

This gave him two options. He could search for clients within his new community. Or he could learn to translate his new language into one customer’s are willing to step in. That is one they would understand. His existing competence was the perfect place to start connecting it with their business objectives.

Doing so is perfectly aligned with his new way of thinking. It shows his ability to meet the client where they are.

Finding the right language to connect with clients doesn’t change what we think. It changes how we say it.


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