The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

The first move

In a situation in which two are waiting for who will do the first move, one can’t say anymore who did the first move. Their waiting has become a conscious action toward the other and thus a movement.

To understand what it is creating, one needs to become aware of the motivation.

If the waiting is focused on waiting for things to happen, there is a good chance that it will never end. Imagine someone waiting for life to give them what they deserve. What is it that the person made happen that leads to something being deserved? How can life or others know that something was deserved?

It’s a situation in which the first move is one of stepping out of the never-ending loop.

Moving first by making things happen, makes it easier for others to see that something is deserved. May it be someone stepping in and helping by explaining what it is that has become deserved.

Moving first also gets rid of the energy spent waiting and becoming frustrated that nothing happens.

And moving first is the decision to make that happen one is seeking to see happen.

It’s acknowledging that there is a risk, but it is stepping into the possibility that it will happen.



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