The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

The desire for a why

Sometimes, people search for a why.

A simple way to look at it is to understand that what needs to be solved, is the desire to see or create a link between a cause and its effect.

It’s trying to answer what it is that led to being where one is now.

The other why focuses on the future and searches for the reason why one should do something.

Bringing it back to some basics, it’s a search for someone or something that motivates or can be blamed. In essence, it is the same thing, two different sides of the medal.

It’s searching for the formula. The answer to happiness.

There is a third why.

It is based on a principle, on values, and is something one simply does.

Sometimes spontaneously, sometimes after having weighed the pros and cons, or after having followed some decision process that is the one that works in that situation.

Once the decision is taken, the why isn’t questioned anymore.

Taking a step into the unknown has become possible.

It then becomes all about the what, the how, and sometimes the who.


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