The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

The color of perfection

When diving into your idea of perfection, where is it located? What is it that needs to be perfect?

It is easy to recognize those in a team who seem to seek the perfect delivery of a task, may it be the next presentation, customer satisfaction, or their speed of delivery.

But what it often simply means, is that the person seeks his sense of calm or wellbeing. What they look for is an ideal of having to feel good to be able to perform.

They’ll dread not knowing.

It’s a way of dealing with discomfort, that assumes that none should be there. They learn and act in a way that is full of the hope that then things will be ok and easy to handle.

They live with a frame of reference of what is right and good.

They’ll wish you sunny weather, sweet dreams, a career on the fast track, a lot of money, or a frictionless life.

It pushes life into the future.


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