The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Telling your story

When you are telling a story, what is it for?

Most of the time, people see a story as a means to transform the other. It’s the idea that if you put enough arguments, ideas, or thoughts in your story, the listener will follow you. May it buy from you, believe you, spread your story, or whatever else you’ve been hoping for.

Now think again about most of the stories you are telling.

The ones you are telling your car dealer when you are looking for a car. The ones you tell your colleague when you need their help. The ones you are telling your doctor during your appointment. The last one you shared.

They all serve to help the other see what it is you’ve come to meet them for.

They are there to lay out the reasons why you are there with them at that moment and why it is them that you are telling that story.

The work your story isn’t ending when it has been told. It is the starting point for the conversation you want to have. It’s a conversation allowing all those involved to contribute to the reason you are together for.

It’s entirely possible that you’ll walk out of there without the answer or the help you’ve been looking for. But if you created that conversation, you’ll have transformed the relationship and your quest.


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