The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

A task of leadership

When people set out to become a creator, someone who makes his or her ideas happen there is an immediate encounter with responsibility. There is no way around it, it’s there and a constant reminder of the set objective.

We see this day after day in online workshops. People join, are enthusiastic and get started. After a while, some disappear. That’s often a tragic moment. The responsibility to stay on becomes too heavy. The responsibility to come back feels even worse as shame joins responsibility.

It’s the story a lot of people tell themselves when performance is their main objective.

A way out of this situation is, to shift responsibility to time and life which interacted with intention.

In teams, the situation is different. There the team members have a leader.

Confronted with freedom a reaction which can be observed among team members is how they forward responsibility to the leader: they seek permission.

„… freedom being the choice to be a creator of our own experience and accept the unbearable responsibility that goes with that. Out of this insight grows the idea that perhaps the real task of leadership is to confront people with their freedom. This may be the ultimate act of love that is called from those who hold power over others. Choosing our freedom is also the source of our willingness to choose to be accountable. The insight is that freedom is what creates accountability.” – Peter Block, Community, The structure of belonging.


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