The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Taking in data

In any situation, there is too much data to be taken in. And yet, people have to make sense of it.

To solve the problem people developed the ability to filter the available information.

There are for example cultural differences as to what people will pay attention to first. In western civilization people will often be focused on people and faces, that is the specific. People from eastern civilization will prioritize the surroundings, that is a holistic view. Consequently, this will also influence how people think.

Beyond this, there is a question as to how we deal with the data. Do people actually take it in, or do they jump to conclusions?

Experience leads to routines and habits. It’s a filter in itself. The questions being asked, the details being verified will be the same. That’s because experience teaches what to pay attention to.

It creates a focus, something people will routinely think about. Which is also describing what will naturally be left aside.

The hard task is once in a while to leave that pattern and take a fresh look at what’s existing.

That too is what feedback is for.


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