The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Winning or playing

It seems like a detail, but it is an important one. Someone who participates in

Making it visible

I was working with a client. She had sent me her plan beforehand and when

Get stuff done

In an interview on LinkedIn President Barack Obama suggested that people should worry more about

Flexibility of focus

When I learned to drive a motorbike, I learned that I always had to look

Organizing meetings

In a webinar I had the opportunity to attend I was listening to the presenter

The trap of measurement

When leaders define KPIs and use them with their teams, they provide an orientation. With


Phil was frustrated. He had done everything as requested, nevertheless, he was told that he

Using denial wisely

Nature developed some fantastic mechanisms to ease our survival. They help us be focused on

Function over form

The easy way to teach children how to be polite is by telling them what

All under control

The idea that some things are within our control whereas others will be outside of