The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Information disappear

Whoever attends a training finds himself having received a lot of knowledge or having experienced a lot of things. It is known that much of it will be forgotten within the first week and even more as months pass by. The only exception is whenever what has been learned is being used. It starts with reflecting on the learning and doesn’t end with experimenting with the knowledge.

Note-taking is helpful as it allows one to go back to the information. But note-taking happens while the training is ongoing. It is not the same as reflecting on the information or devising ideas to experiment with the learning.

The same is true for meetings and other types of gatherings. They generate ideas of things to do, and things to reflect upon, but none of them happen if no one goes back to them.

Effective meetings still need an efficient use of the resources this effective meeting has been.




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