The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

He is lying

Sometimes it is quite simple to know if someone is telling a lie. There is some awkwardness or something that isn’t very clear about the story the other person is telling.

And, depending on the circumstances, no one is intervening to pinpoint that sense.

In my experience, this is often the case when it comes to sharing time. After spending some time together, there comes a moment when one has a sense of enough. It’s a sense that isn’t always shared, and in those cases, one of the two will find an excuse that refers to lack of time or some important things coming up allowing to end the conversation. In other cases, it is an invitation to have a cup of coffee together where it’s never becoming clear when it will happen.

One can focus on the story that is being told and only see the lie.

But maybe the more important fact is in the truth that cannot be shared.

That truth is an indicator of the state of the relationship and a reflection of one’s engagement in that relationship as well as a sense of it. The question to ponder is if one would do it differently in that situation and if not, why?





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