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Missed the shot

A lot of golfers are obsessed with their swing. They search for a way to make sure that it is the best possible swing. Any time they miss a shot they will then think about the problem. What it was that they should have done, what it was that went wrong.

Something similar will happen in organizations. Whenever a problem occurs, people can find themselves searching for the error.

It’s creating problems more than solving them.

A golf swing is a simple movement, but it uses a tool that is ridiculously long with a relatively small face at its end. The swing needs to enable that small face to hit a little ball at a very specific point and angle to create the shot one imagined. And well weather conditions and environment also have their word to say.

It’s a setting in which the normality is that things can go wrong.

Already the sound and the feel of the impact can tell a lot about the way the ball was hit. And yet, very little about what went wrong. There are myriads of things that could have been the cause.

If it happens during a round of golf, the best solution is to forget about it. There is a next shot to be done and it needs one’s full attention, not the worries about one’s swing. After the round, there is still plenty of time to reflect on what it is one needs to practice and learn more about.

In organizations it’s similar. Errors will occur.



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