The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Success and happiness

Often the idea is that success will lead to happiness.

My experience tells a different story. It’s an experience that isn’t unique.

It’s a story often heard, celebrities in the limelight, champions having won a competition, businessmen having successfully built an organization, chime in.

Success is often experienced in a fleeting moment of having reached an objective and almost immediately finding oneself confronted with the question “And what now?”

Moments of success bring joy. Once that realization passes there is a sense of sadness and loss. What one had looked for, prepared, and achieved suddenly is in the past. And once it is over, the same questions reappear, life still asks questions of us. They may be on a different scale, but they continue to ask for a decision, and they continue to ask to learn how to deal with everyday challenges as well as new ones.


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