The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Dreaming or wanting

The ability to dream of something is a truly wonderful capacity humans have. Imagination serves our ability to see ourselves as someone else. It may be to see ourselves as having skills we don’t have, of living somewhere else and under different circumstances, etc.

It allows us to live in the skin of a different self and test it.

It shows possibilities and creates the space to transform our perspective. But only if we are inclined to do so.

A dream remains a dream and implies no commitment.

Changing the situation and committing to that dream transforms it into something we want.

It’s that commitment that will enable us to build on the dream and step into a process that uses a constant stream of projects and smaller milestones that contribute to achieving that dream. But it’s also a process of letting go of the elements of the dream that cannot be realized in the near future while allowing them to stay with us for the longer term.

One can call it a process, a plan, a strategy, a journey. In essence, it is an ability to transform a dream into actionable wants that evolve within a context.


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