The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Focusing on being right

It might be a result of the perfection humankind is seeking to achieve. It might also result from an education system that teaches us the importance of the correct answer. It might also be the desire to have certainty that makes us believe that being right is our objective.

It seems that the need to be right and the obligation to adapt to what is perceived as right is present everywhere.

In conversations there often will be a drive to determine what is right. Sometimes it ends up in a battle trying to decide who is right.

As if there could be one unique idea of what is right.

It’s an interesting exercise to take any idea presented to us and ask ourselves how it could be right.

The exercise isn’t about discovering who or what is right. Nor is it there to change one’s idea of what is right or who is right. But it is about expanding on who or what could also be right.



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