The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Passion, Purpose, Mission

These are beautiful words. When I think of individuals who take up a mission, who

Content over form

A simple way to lead conversations into a dead end is by focusing on the

Protection or defense?

The acts of protecting or defending oneself are quite similar. They both intend to help

Creating space

Today was the start of a 5-day workshop with Richard Erskine. Even though the group

From 10 to 100

In today’s culture, creating an offer that asks for people’s time is perceived as a

Güde headquarters and factory

Reality can be surprising

Knives belong to the products I appreciate. I’ll usually go to further length to find

Connecting the dots

Once you’ve learned to connect two dots it’s difficult to imagine that once they weren’t

The limits of independence

Independence is often named as a state to be attained. While I will agree that

Achieving goals

There is this strange sense of emptiness. The passion that fueled the progress disappeared. It’s