The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

From 10 to 100

In today’s culture, creating an offer that asks for people’s time is perceived as a challenge.

The time something takes has become a major criterion for any offer.

As a tribute to this culture, a lot of articles on the web announce the reading time they require.

In the past TV shows were organized to fit into more or less hourly or half-hourly rhythms, the duration of the show then depended on the number of advertisements which were supposed to fit into that time. This has changed with the web. Duration started to become dependent on the effort to make sure that the whole sequence would be taken in. Where the route frequently chosen has been to shorten instead of doing the hard work of making it great.

Taking time to do something becomes now easily perceived as being slow.

When it fact it often is taking the time to do the work.

A space that builds its offer on taking the time necessary and developing the persistence to take at least a 100 days to do the learning online is The Marketing Seminar. Its next edition is opening up now. What we’ve seen, is that those who persist 10x their learning.


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