The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Finding Solutions

Once a problem is seen, the next action I usually see happen is the search


You’ve been having an interesting conversation and then it somehow changes. There is this detail

Looking after each other

Human beings are profoundly relational beings. While we all may enjoy some alone time once

It takes time

There is rarely a straight path towards vulnerability. It’s easy to see it in training

Intention or Results

In my past, I’ve often heard a proverb stating that “The road to hell is

Rules to live by

Commencement speeches are, as Wikipedia describes them, “an opportunity to share your experience, values, and

Investing in yourself

To me, there is a major difference between quick and fast. That’s due to the

Solutions and Problems

There is a strange relationship between solutions and problems. We expect that our analysis of

Is it all about words?

In a discussion with Scott Perry from Creative on Purpose and a wonderful coach colleague

The slippery slope

Not too long ago I read an interesting article on giving feedback written by Seth

Success is meaningless

What is success for you? Is it the idea that one day you’ll be achieving