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The whole & its parts

Success and winning

There are many ways to define success. Among the many possibilities I’m regularly reading about are to achieve what other known personalities achieved, earning a lot of money, winning a competition, having a lot of clicks or followers, etc.

All of these ideas have a drawback, they are beyond whatever an individual has control over. Defining success like this means integrating luck into one’s ability to be successful.

By definition, winning includes luck. Whenever two people of equal competence, condition, preparation, or posture compete with one another it will be the cards they received, or some other circumstance that determines that one of them wins.

At the end of the year, there will only be one person or one team that won the championship. But this still allows all the other individuals or teams in the competition to be successful. That is if they define success based on the work they put into the process they believe in and see fit to achieve their objectives.

Naturally, whenever people compete with one another they eventually hope to win. There is no guarantee that this will happen. But patience and a process that develops one’s competence, condition, preparation, and posture to a similar level as others contribute to the circumstances opening the door for luck to appear.


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