The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Subtle shifts

An interesting question is what to focus on, when people lead teams and when they belong to a team. There is the possibility to focus on the responsibility of a team leader. And there is the option to focus on the commitment to the team oneself belongs to.

The difference between both choices will appear in the role one takes up in both situations. And it thus impacts the way the relationship with others is perceived in both situations.

By giving leadership priority over commitment, the focus will easily be on the needs of the team one leads. As a consequence the team one belongs to, becomes a space for compromises in which the needs of the different teams is being balanced.

By giving commitment priority over leadership, it is the task the team is working on that will influence one’s leadership. In that way, it is the organization’s vision and sought results that will trickle down across the organization.

It is the difference between trying to please one’s team and giving them the means to focus on what they can achieve and derive satisfaction from. It also is the difference between wanting to feel reassured as a leader and being invested in contributing to the organization.


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