The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Seeing deeply

As a coach I’m interested in seeing deeply, it is aligned with what I’m trying

Too smooth and painless

“It always takes me back to the days when life was different and unpredictable” –

The as-always change

In a general fashion, people find it easy to be devoted to becoming better. There

Embracing uncertainty

It’s easy to suggest embracing uncertainty. But what does it mean? A way to look

Within your control

In principle, there is only very little that is within our control. The ability to

Come with questions

During the last few years, I’ve regularly led reflection groups. The idea was to invite

A desire to improve

Sometimes a client shares the idea that it’s important to keep learning or to keep

Losing the storyteller

Over the years, the organization had shifted its activities. No one had noticed. The group

Creating plans

Mick was sharing how he had adapted his plans to his current situation. Since our