The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Sticking to comfortable

Something is astonishing about being comfortable. It is comfortable but it frequently doesn’t feel comfortable.

We’ll see people complaining about how busy they are, but who won’t change it.

We’ll see people being frustrated that their team isn’t focused on the work to do, but they’ll easily find themselves distracted by office news.

We’ll see leaders complain, that their team doesn’t take up their responsibility and will notice how they tell team members what they have to do.

None of the above feels comfortable and yet it has become a pattern people buy into.

Comfortable means: I know that experience and will neither ask myself if I can change it nor seek ways to change my own behavior. It’s a pattern that is out of consciousness and to which no evident solution is available. The pattern and thus the situation feels less disagreeable than thinking about the given results does.

That allows it to stick.


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