The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts


Playing music might be one of the skills I’ll never be able to learn. And yet some parts of myself constantly come back to the subject. I guess that it’s because like many kids I’ve been told by my parents that I’m not capable of keeping the rhythm and playing a note. Nevertheless, tension was created by a teacher leading the choir I used to participate in at school. By sharing that I was doing ok he kept a door open for me.

What I now find myself often doing, is seeking ways to learn from musicians and becoming curious about their skills. It keeps me connected with an old idea and allows me to connect the dots with other fields of activities.

Being attracted by a subject opens up the mind to want to learn or to become curious about it.

Not knowing nor understanding the deeper levels of a domain helps to see essential aspects without being distracted by all the details coming with an in-depth knowledge of the field.

It still requires deep listening to see what’s below the surface.

That opens up a fascinating field of understanding.


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