The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

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Learning as a social process

Whenever people come together there is the possibility to learn from one another. Quite often

Enabling Leadership

There will be as many leadership skills needed as there are leadership situations. It is

A focus on needs

Once there was Napster. It served music lovers at a time when the music industry

Thinking about cooperation

In whatever relationship, when there is cooperation there is also a notion of helping. Coaching

Learning what to do

When observing others, when investigating history, there is always more than one aspect to see.

The what-I-want-problem

Numerous problems don’t qualify as addressable problems. Discomfort or undesired situation is simply an automatic


Frederick Winslow Taylor was to be found alongside workers, measuring their work and observing how


One of the essential ingredients to do our work is faith. It needs faith to

Practicing curiosity

Rick was searching for a way to share his ideas, but as I had asked


Playing music might be one of the skills I’ll never be able to learn. And