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The whole & its parts

Seeking benefits

The upcoming elections in the US have started to focus a lot of the available attention.

In times of election, there is even more competition than usual for people’s attention. Some seek to be elected whereas others search for ways to benefit from the attention elections can create. For some it is to be in power after the elections, for others it is to use their power to elicit promises, and yet others monetize the existing attention by becoming a source of information.

Consequently, as everyone is competing for attention, all those involved use the tools of their trade to amplify the need for attention. Those competing for votes may find themselves trying to put up an attractive show. Those seeking influence may try to raise the stakes. Those trying to be the chosen source of information will try to establish themselves as the ones who can predict the future.

What is common to all is that tapping into emotions as a source of attention is most easily done by amplifying anxiety.

It may be interesting to ask oneself who benefits, but in such a complex system, there are too many parties interested. But whatever their interest is, all involved parties know that they have to serve an interest that exists with their audience.

That is when it becomes interesting to understand how the parties involved seek to generate their benefit. Or where they believe it to be.

It is a question everyone involved needs to answer for themselves.

If it is aligned and the different sides find themselves benefiting it is an easy choice. But if it isn’t aligned, the question becomes if one’s investment in time, emotion, or energy is worth the outcome. That is, if the benefit sought is accessible enough.

It is also why, for example, the book industry often delays publishing any book to a time after the elections. There is neither benefit nor need for them to take part in the competition through publishing a book. But it doesn’t mean that they step out of it altogether as there will be other interests at stake making it relevant to follow the competition.

This can only be done if one determines what one’s benefit is supposed to be or can be given the circumstances.




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