The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Seeing the change you make

Change is a constant, it happens all around us. And all of us contribute to making change happen.

They may not always be big changes. They may be something you’ve set out to do.

They might just as well be continuous work you’ve been doing until you realize what that work has been about. Sometimes it takes this look back to see what your work has been about until then. That’s a perfect moment to make it more tangible for yourself, to take it up and transform it into the change you seek to make.

It’s an opportunity to become fully intentional about it. That’s when you begin to see the work you do through a lens of “the change you seek to make”.

It transforms the way you do your work. It makes it easier to see those who wait for you to serve them. It helps you know what your service will achieve for them. All prerequisites to become clear about the engagement you as well as your customers will have to live up to the promises you make when contracting with your customer.

You’ve become a marketer.

You’ve become someone who makes the change you seek to make happen.

It doesn’t make the work you need to do go away. What it does is help you stay focused on what your work is about. And that makes what you do something you like to do.



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