The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Safety first

When new ideas appear the possible reactions range from curiosity to resistance.

Curiosity is a natural reaction to something new. That’s, at least for a long while, how we succeeded to grow up. Some may have put it aside when playing became restricted to kids or when they decided that it was more important to be efficient. However, knowing if there is danger in our environment has also been a way to secure our survival.

Resistance is a natural reaction to something changing. Whatever it is, it isn’t clear what it is and what it does. A natural reaction to potential danger is to resist it. Preventing danger is securing one’s survival.

But nowadays, danger seems to come from a different direction.

The source of danger we are looking out for seems to come from the possibility that something might fail, not work out as planned, or not be safe.

Securing security has become the aim.

It gives priority to preventing problems over doing the work.




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