The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Role basics

In any given role, there are three things we need to pay attention to if we want to be able to live up to that role.

They are: Know your needs; Transform them into requests; Share information

All three are interconnected.

To be able to fulfill a role people need to know what tasks belong to that role. Knowing this might be the information they set out with. The longer they perform in a role it changes and requires them to develop new competencies, perform tasks they had not been aware of and adapt to the changing environment.

In some cases this requires them to ask others to perform a task or contribute to it, that is to delegate a task. In other cases, it might require them to ask others for help for example to transform their state of not knowing into one of knowing, or to change the means at their disposal.

This ability to transform needs into request is one that allows sharing information. But is as much fueled by the information the person has been able to gather from others.

The latter is even more important in any given leadership situation.

Being challenged with any of these three tasks will impact your ability to live up to your role.


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