The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Resistance, Hiding, Fear

That was to be expected. Writing about resistance, hiding and fear bring all three to the surface.

The inner critic starts his work, creates a good bit of confusion and hopes that I’ll let go.

Steven Pressfield the author of The War of Art writes a lot about resistance. While I agree with his description of resistance I admit that I initially didn’t like his book. He created an impression of an all-powerful resistance I resisted. But as he would probably say: that’s what resistance wants.

And if resistance wins, we hide. We forget about being professionals.

Fear triggered resistance and once resistance is active fear can take over again.

During the last months, I was lucky enough to work with accountability buddies from our altMBA alumni group.

Showing up and doing our work is what we’ve learned and also why we help each other to be accountable. We know how easy it is for resistance to come to the party without invitation and we care.

Knowing isn’t enough though.

The work we all still have to do is to show up.

We see and learn from each other how to dance with fear. Give ourselves the ability to reduce the space we’ve created for resistance and even more so, see when we use it to hide.

And yet we also experience how struggling with resistance is a path to keeping it active.

What it does is keep our attention on itself. Being busy with resistance is a way to hide.

The way Master Yoda teaches us to deal with resistance is simple and yet not easy.

It’s all in this extract of his dialogue with Luke:

MY: Always with you what cannot be done
Try not.
Or do not.
There is no try.
L: I don’t believe it.
MY: That is why you fail.





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